yunquera guerrillera reenactment

Yunquera Guerrillera : 10,11,12 March 2017

When : 10,11,12 March 2017

What : Yunquera Guerrillera : Historical Reenactment

Where : Yunquera, Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

The municipality of Yunquera celebrates the VI edition of its historic recreation ‘Yunquera Guerrillera’ on 10, 11 and 12 March under the motto ‘Blood, gunpowder and fire in the mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves’.

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

A series of gastronomic, cultural and tourist characters framed in the nineteenth century in which more than 300 neighbors participate as actors and extras in the representation of the clashes between the side of guerillas and Yunquera and the Napoleonic army in 1811.

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

The events will begin on Friday, June 3, starting at 5:00 p.m. with the opening of the agri-food and craft market, and the subsequent inaugural parade. This edition also has routes themed by the most emblematic corners of the town, historical and natural, organized for the mornings of Saturday and Sunday.



De Katedraal Van Malaga

De kathedraal van Málaga

De kathedraal van Málaga is één van de meest in het oog springende bezienswaardigheden van Málaga. Vanuit bijna elk punt zie je de kathedraal boven de stad uitkomen. Tijdens je verblijf in Málaga zal je de kathedraal waarschijnlijk meerdere keren passeren.

De Katedraal Van Malaga in de 1880´s

De Katedraal Van Malaga in de 1880´s

Voor de bouw van de kathedraal is veel tijd verbruikt, er is ruim 200 jaar nodig geweest om deze kathedraal te bouwen. In 1528 is men begonnen te bouwen op de fundering van een oude moskee.

De Katedraal Van Malaga Interieur

De Katedraal Van Malaga Interieur

Tijdens de bouw kwam steeds hetzelfde probleem terug, geld, hierdoor is de bouw in 1782 volledig stopgezet. Hierdoor is de rechter toren van de kathedraal nooit afgemaakt. Als je voor de kathedraal staat zal je dit ook heel goed kunnen zien, een complete toren en een halve toren. De kathedraal wordt hierdoor ook wel “La Manquita” genoemd, dit betekend “één-armige of manke dame”.

De Katedraal Van Malaga Chorus

De Katedraal Van Malaga Chorus

Door de lange bouwperiode zijn er verschillende stijlen verwerkt in de kathedraal. Het lage gedeelte heeft bijvoorbeeld een Gotische stijl. De Renaissancestijl kun je terugzien in een van de tempeldeuren en de Barokstijl komt terug in de decoratie van de lateien en de voorgevel.
Vooral aan de zijkant in de straat Calle Cister, zie je duidelijk verschil in stijlen.

Ook de binnenkant van de kathedraal is de moeite waard om even te gaan kijken. De kerk heeft vele kapellen met ieder een eigen betekenis. Het in de 17e eeuw gemaakte priesterkoor is ook prachtig om te zien, het is geheel uit hout gesneden door de beroemde beeldhouwer Pedro de Mena.

Een ander hoogtepunt in de kathedraal is het orgel uit 1871. Het orgel is gebouwd door Julian de la Orden, volgens musici en experts is dit orgel geweldig qua klank.

De kathedraal van Málaga is niet de grootste in Spanje, maar zeker de moeite waard om te gaan kijken.

By : Marianne Pape

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

Chestnut Festival 2016 : Alcaucín

What : Chestnut Festival 2016 : Alcaucín

Where : Alcaucín, Inland Costa del Sol, Spain

When : 5th November 2016

The popular festival of the Alcaucín Chestnut will also offer free tastings of typical anise and cinnamon shortbread.

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

The Axarquía village of Alcaucín still retains one of its most popular festivals celebrating another year the chestnut tradition of yesteryear who “gathered the neighbors in the village square on the occasion of the feast of All Saints day , in which each family brought a dish, and given the date, chestnut used to be harvested in the area. ”

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

In this edition, Alcaucín distributes more than 300 kilos of chestnuts and 200 of sweet potatoes, plus aniseed and typical traditional double buttered cinnamon in the main square of the town, opposite the town hall.

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

It plans to host about 500 people who will travel, as previous years, from other points of the Axarquía and the province attracted by the star product , the autumn chestnut.

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Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Chestnut Festival 2016 : Pujerra

What : Chesnut Festival in Pujerra, Málaga

Where : Pujerra, Málaga, Spain, Inland Costa del Sol

When : 29 October 2016 till 30 October 2016

The arrival of autumn is the date on which the celebrations related to the chesnut take place. Every year in late October or early November it is celebrated in Pujerra, located in the Serrania de Ronda. The Chestnut Festival, which coincides with the day of the patron saint of the town, the Virgin of Fatima.

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Normally, the holiday is usually done when the collection of the Chesnut is finished.

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

During this holiday you can enjoy music and dancing in the streets of the town, as well as tasting more than 50 dishes made with chestnuts and accompanied by anise or brandy. In addition, you can visit many places where clothes and typical tools in collecting the fruit are shown.





10:00 Launch rockets announcing the start of the 14th CHESTNUT FESTIVAL AND VIRGIN OF FATIMA 2016.

11:00 Diana and Parade, with the performance of the verdiales OF PARAUTA.

12:00 official opening speech of the 14th edition of the Chestnut Festival, by D. CARLOS DELGADO MORALES Gaspar.

13:00 Delivery Chesnut of the year award 2016 to the adult group of theater.

15:00 Fair day enlivened by the “MALACAI” groups and “ROMPEOLAS”.

15:00 Afternoon free access at the Chestnut Museum.

17:30 gastronomic tasting of products made with chestnuts in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

18:00 Traditional TOSTÓN CHESTNUT accompanied by anise and sweet wine.

20:00 MEMORIAL to the Association of Friends of Cadiz by its X Collaboration and Promotion of the Chestnut Festival.

23:00 popular festival, with performances of “ORCHESTRA DYNAMIC” and “new hopes”


10:00 rocket fire.

11:30 Celebration of Holy Mass in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, patroness of Pujerra.

12:00 PROCESSION in honor of our Patron, accompanied by the Band of Pujerra.

FAIR DAY 16:00 enlivened by the “MALACAI” group.

16:00 Afternoon open at the Chestnut Museum.

17:00 SPECIAL TOSTÓN variety “Chestnut pilonga”.

18:00 End party with hot chocolate and churros.

Sierra de Yeguas : Asparagus Fair 010516

WHERE : Sierra de Yeguas, Málaga, Spain 

WHEN : 01 May 2016, 13:00

WHAT : Festival of the Asparagus

Thousands of people gather to enjoy this Malaga native asparagus municipality, it is a free tasting of up to 2,000 kilos of asparagus, cooked in omelettes, scrambled or grilled, for visitors attending the fair.

fiesta esparrago sierra de yeguas 2016-1

Approximately about 13.00 hours, more than 30 stands offer visitors craft products of all kinds.

Any visitor can buy everything from fresh cheeses to organic products, made in Sierra de Yeguas and nearby villages. In addition to this attractive offer, and direct sales to the public, there have been other recreational and cultural activities, as a recipe contest with asparagus or musical performances to liven up the act. –

fiesta esparrago sierra de yeguas 2016-2

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La Noche en Blanco Malaga 2016

When : May 14 2016, from 8 pm to 2 am
Where : Malaga City Center
What : More than 250 activities held overnight, including free visits to museums, exhibition halls, and galleries.

In 2016 the Noche en Blanco in Malaga reaches its ninth edition establishing itself as the cultural event of greatest citizen involvement throughout the year. And this involvement has been highlighted since the early preparations because the thread has been chosen, for the first time by the public.

Based on four different themes: Somewhere in the Night (Homage to Cervantes), A night to sing, The Future, and The Night of the stars. The latter was the proposal elected by the citizens in an open ballot organized by the Townhall, in which 4,037 people participated.

noche en blanco malaga 2016 5

The ratings were both social networks through Facebook, as in person at ballot boxes installed in the 11 municipal districts and the Municipal Archives.

So, this year, the Noche en Blanco will be “Night of the Stars”. Therefore, most of the activities will be associated with this topic. As every year, again participation expectations have increased.

noche en blanco malaga 2016 1

Thus, some 250 different activities (there were about 200 last year), organized by 150 organizations, located most of them in the historic center of Malaga, although the districts also have their role.

In this ninth edition there will be 30 new entities. Of the activities the night of May 14 will be held, from 8 pm to 2 am, there will be 41 to be held in museums, 11 exhibition halls, 6 art galleries, 6 spaces scenic.

noche en blanco malaga 2016 3

As a novelty, there will be a specific section of activities for families as 20 activities will be exclusive for smaller and entitled “For the stars of the house” In addition, there will be other 50 activities aimed at all audiences in which the youngest may also participate.