Stierenarena Málaga – Plaza de Toros La Malagueta

De stierenarena van Málaga, de Plaza de Toros, is ontworpen door de architect Joaquín Rucoba en is gebouwd in 1874. Twee jaar later was de bouw voltooid, met ruimte voor ongeveer 14.000 toeschouwers. Het heeft de naam La Malagueta gekregen, omdat het in de wijk Malagueta ligt en vlakbij het strand van Malagueta is.

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta


De stierenarena bestaat uit een arena, vier kralen, stallen, een manege, kleedkamers voor de matadors en ook een ziekenboeg. Het geheel is gebouwd in een Neo-Mudéjarstijl, een stijl die in Spanje is ontstaan uit de Iberische architectuur (de Mudéjar) en sterk beïnvloed was door de Moren in de twaalfde t/m de zestiende eeuw.

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Antonio Ordoñez Museum

De stierenarena heeft ook een eigen museum, El Museo Taurino Antonio Ordoñez, waar je onder andere kostuums, foto’s en voorwerpen die gebruikt worden in de stierengevechten kunt vinden. Het museum is vernoemd naar de legendarische stierenvechter Antonio Ordoñez uit Ronda, die met wel meer dan 3000 stieren heeft gevochten.

Stierenvechten seizoen

Hoewel het stierenvechten in sommige delen van Spanje al verboden is geworden, worden er van april t/m september in Málaga nog steeds stierengevechten gehouden. Tijdens de feestweek van Málaga in augustus (Feria de Málaga), zijn er zelfs iedere dag stierengevechten te zien.

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta Ca. 1900

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta Ca. 1900


Paseo de Reding 8, 29016 Málaga


Maandag tot en met vrijdag

10.00 uur tot 13.00 uur & 17.00 uur tot 20.00 uur


De prijzen van de tickets variëren en hangen af van waar je wilt zitten, maar liggen tussen de €10,- en € 100,-

Entree museum € 1,80

Kinderen tot 7 jaar gratis


By : Marianne Pape

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

Toston Chesnut Festival : Ojen 2016

What : Toston Chesnut Festival : Ojen 2016

Where : Ojén, Inland Costa del Sol, Spain

When : 06th November 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

For two decades, the town of Ojen holds in November the “Fiesta del Toston” , a day in which tradition is to roast chestnuts with the preparation of compounds dishes for this fruit, as well as tasting products like raisins in brandy, honey, roasted bacon, rice with fennel or chestnut soup.

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

The event celebrates the end of chestnut harvest when, after weeks of work to reap the benefits, you could enjoy this food.

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

The Popular Toston Party is accompanied by numerous parallel activities for the whole family: Potato dancing, racing, etc…


fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

Chestnut Festival 2016 : Alcaucín

What : Chestnut Festival 2016 : Alcaucín

Where : Alcaucín, Inland Costa del Sol, Spain

When : 5th November 2016

The popular festival of the Alcaucín Chestnut will also offer free tastings of typical anise and cinnamon shortbread.

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

The Axarquía village of Alcaucín still retains one of its most popular festivals celebrating another year the chestnut tradition of yesteryear who “gathered the neighbors in the village square on the occasion of the feast of All Saints day , in which each family brought a dish, and given the date, chestnut used to be harvested in the area. ”

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

In this edition, Alcaucín distributes more than 300 kilos of chestnuts and 200 of sweet potatoes, plus aniseed and typical traditional double buttered cinnamon in the main square of the town, opposite the town hall.

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

fiesta de la castaña Alcaucín 2016

It plans to host about 500 people who will travel, as previous years, from other points of the Axarquía and the province attracted by the star product , the autumn chestnut.

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Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Chestnut Festival 2016 : Pujerra

What : Chesnut Festival in Pujerra, Málaga

Where : Pujerra, Málaga, Spain, Inland Costa del Sol

When : 29 October 2016 till 30 October 2016

The arrival of autumn is the date on which the celebrations related to the chesnut take place. Every year in late October or early November it is celebrated in Pujerra, located in the Serrania de Ronda. The Chestnut Festival, which coincides with the day of the patron saint of the town, the Virgin of Fatima.

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Normally, the holiday is usually done when the collection of the Chesnut is finished.

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

Chestnut Festival Pujerra 2016

During this holiday you can enjoy music and dancing in the streets of the town, as well as tasting more than 50 dishes made with chestnuts and accompanied by anise or brandy. In addition, you can visit many places where clothes and typical tools in collecting the fruit are shown.





10:00 Launch rockets announcing the start of the 14th CHESTNUT FESTIVAL AND VIRGIN OF FATIMA 2016.

11:00 Diana and Parade, with the performance of the verdiales OF PARAUTA.

12:00 official opening speech of the 14th edition of the Chestnut Festival, by D. CARLOS DELGADO MORALES Gaspar.

13:00 Delivery Chesnut of the year award 2016 to the adult group of theater.

15:00 Fair day enlivened by the “MALACAI” groups and “ROMPEOLAS”.

15:00 Afternoon free access at the Chestnut Museum.

17:30 gastronomic tasting of products made with chestnuts in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

18:00 Traditional TOSTÓN CHESTNUT accompanied by anise and sweet wine.

20:00 MEMORIAL to the Association of Friends of Cadiz by its X Collaboration and Promotion of the Chestnut Festival.

23:00 popular festival, with performances of “ORCHESTRA DYNAMIC” and “new hopes”


10:00 rocket fire.

11:30 Celebration of Holy Mass in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, patroness of Pujerra.

12:00 PROCESSION in honor of our Patron, accompanied by the Band of Pujerra.

FAIR DAY 16:00 enlivened by the “MALACAI” group.

16:00 Afternoon open at the Chestnut Museum.

17:00 SPECIAL TOSTÓN variety “Chestnut pilonga”.

18:00 End party with hot chocolate and churros.

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

Wine and Cestnut Fair. Yunquera 221016-231016

Where : Yunquera, Málaga Costa del Sol Inland

What : Wine and Cestnut Fair

When : 22 October 2016 till 23 October 2016

Yunquera, every October, pays homage to the chestnut fruit typical of autumn and base of  its traditional cuisine, and exquisite wine from grapes raised in the cold lands of the Sierra de las Nieves.

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

Roasted chestnuts in syrup, cooked, candied or just picked directly from the tree, and a good wine, sweet wine, pink or white, all alive with the music of the verdiales, attract hundreds of people that day.

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

The party starts in the square where more than twenty stalls offer from the serrano products like strawberry, cold meats or oil, to the traditional pottery of the region, and continues with various activities such as cooking contest, the stepping of the grape, and tasting the typical dish of Yunquera, the” malcocinao”, made from chickpeas, bacon, tripe, chorizo and morcilla.

pizarra fiesta de la tapa 2016

Fiesta de la Tapa. Pizarra

where : pizarra

when . 14,15,16 October 2016

What  : X Ruta de la Tapa of Pizarra

Provincial Tourist Singularity Event

Pizarra, in the Valle del Gudalhorce, celebrates its Tapas Route every October. During a weekend products from their gardens, among others, become protagonists of a party seeking momentum and promotion of the culture of the tapas, presenting the main pizarreño bars and restaurants.

ruta tapa pizarra 2016

During the day you can buy a “passport” to go completing stamps on each of the participating establishments and to get different prizes and gifts.

Also, and according to popular vote, the bars and restaurants of  the route will be graced with different distinctions, such as the best tapa, best service or prize for the most original tapa.