Benalauria : Moors and Christians

Benalauria : Moors and Christians Festival : 04/08/16

Where : Benalauria

When : 04/08/2016

Following tradition, Benalauría celebrates the first Sunday August its Moors and Christians festival, in which neighbors and villagers, remember, by a street performance, the Moorish rebellion in the Serrania de Ronda in the fifteenth century.

Representation, which runs through the town, starts with an attack that comes to town, loots the parish church and kidnaps the patron, Saint Dominic. Christian inhabitants begin the rescue, apprehending the two children of the Moor Warlord (qa’id), giving them as exchange to recover Saint Dominic.

The epilogue constitutes a desperate elegy by the qa’id to the beautiful land where he was born and now, deported, will have to leave forever.

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