Antequera : Correr La Vega

When : 13/04/17 to 14/04/17

Where : Antequera, Málaga, Spain

What : Correr la Vega

The Malaga city of Antequera, located at the main crossroads of Andalusia and known as “the heart” of the autonomous community, has been and is a must for travelers and travelers of all time. Its magnificent monumental complex is the result of its historical past, and is reflected in more than fifty buildings of religious and civil architecture dating from the Bronze Age to the 18th century.

Correr La Vega

One of the elements that identifies its Holy Week is the “Correr la Vega”, a long-awaited tradition both for its inhabitants and for the numerous tourists that are approaching at that time to the town and whose origin, apparently, is due to an ancient Tradition that was to take the images to the highest point of the city to bless the lands of La Vega de Antequera.

Correr La Vega

On Thursdays and Fridays, at the end of the procession, the “brothers” of the cofradías who process those days, with the exception of La Soledad, take the thrones marching to the beginning of a slope or hill and, with The bell warning, start a very emotional race carrying the thrones to where the fields of la Vega are to be seen, so they can be blessed.

Correr La Vega

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Holy Week Malaga Center 2015 : Daily events : Saturday 28/03/2015


With this post we start a series about the daily activities and processions in Málaga Center. Hope you enjoy the Semana Santa at its full. And as always, if you need any info, please contact us at

Processional, March 28 Transfers Saturday of Passion


7.00, Parish of St. Paul.
After the mass of dawn, transfer of holders
Route: Plaza San Pablo Jara, Jaboneros, Juan de Austria, Gálvez Ginachero, square Virgen de la Trinidad (station in the Hospital), Barcelona Avenue, La Regente, Sevilla, Trinity Square Captive Jesus, fraternity house.

cautivo malaga

Dulce Nombre

11.30 Divina Pastora Parish
Itinerary: Plaza de Capuchinos, shed.

dulce nombre malaga


18.30, Basilica de la Victoria.
Itinerary: Plaza del Cristo del Amor, Plaza del Santuario, Ferdinand, fraternity house (Virgin of Charity).

cristo amor malaga


19.00, Parish of Santiago.
Itinerary: Granada, Niño de Guevara, Canuelo of San Bernardo, Beatas, Cárcer, Piazza San Jerónimo Cuevo, Ramos Marín, Friars fraternity house.


19.00 Ermita Zamarrilla.
Itinerary: Pelayo, Plaza de Bailen, Barrier Trinidad, Trinidad, Jaboneros, Marbles, Martinez Maldonado, fraternity house.


20.30, Parish of Santo Domingo.
Itinerary: Plaza de Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás and fraternity house (Virgen de la Soledad).


21.00, Parroquia del Carmen.
Itinerary: Plaza de Toros Vieja, Pilgrim, Medellín, Ancha del Carmen, Plaza de Toros Vieja, La Serna, fraternity house.

piedad malaga

Location Map of Holy Week Semana Santa Eastern in Malaga Center : 28/03/2015