Fiesta de la Matanza : Ardales

FIESTA DE LA MATANZA. Ardales (Guadalteba).
DATE: February 5, 2017.

For more than a decade, the town of Ardales, located in the region of Guadalteba, pays homage to the traditional elaboration of pork sausages and meats with a day known as the Festival of the Slaughter. On this day women of the village recreate, with utensils from other times, the traditional methods of making sausages and slaughters.


Throughout the day, thousands of buttons, sausages filled with sausage, sausage or blood sausage, and the famous “ardalo” style stew, made with lean pork, pepper, tomato, onion and garlic, are served. Traditional recipe that is transmitted from generation to generation.


In addition it is possible to acquire numerous typical products of the town and the region, in the sample of craftsmanship and gastronomy located in the own square of the town. In it are present a great diversity of sausages, like the morcón, the lomo or the white sausage of Ardales, as well as the famous products of the confectionery ardona, with its well-known almond biscuit.




fiesta del toston ojen 2016

Toston Chesnut Festival : Ojen 2016

What : Toston Chesnut Festival : Ojen 2016

Where : Ojén, Inland Costa del Sol, Spain

When : 06th November 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

For two decades, the town of Ojen holds in November the “Fiesta del Toston” , a day in which tradition is to roast chestnuts with the preparation of compounds dishes for this fruit, as well as tasting products like raisins in brandy, honey, roasted bacon, rice with fennel or chestnut soup.

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

The event celebrates the end of chestnut harvest when, after weeks of work to reap the benefits, you could enjoy this food.

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

fiesta del toston ojen 2016

The Popular Toston Party is accompanied by numerous parallel activities for the whole family: Potato dancing, racing, etc…


feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

Wine and Cestnut Fair. Yunquera 221016-231016

Where : Yunquera, Málaga Costa del Sol Inland

What : Wine and Cestnut Fair

When : 22 October 2016 till 23 October 2016

Yunquera, every October, pays homage to the chestnut fruit typical of autumn and base of  its traditional cuisine, and exquisite wine from grapes raised in the cold lands of the Sierra de las Nieves.

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

Roasted chestnuts in syrup, cooked, candied or just picked directly from the tree, and a good wine, sweet wine, pink or white, all alive with the music of the verdiales, attract hundreds of people that day.

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

feria vino castaña yunquera 2016

The party starts in the square where more than twenty stalls offer from the serrano products like strawberry, cold meats or oil, to the traditional pottery of the region, and continues with various activities such as cooking contest, the stepping of the grape, and tasting the typical dish of Yunquera, the” malcocinao”, made from chickpeas, bacon, tripe, chorizo and morcilla.

pizarra fiesta de la tapa 2016

Fiesta de la Tapa. Pizarra

where : pizarra

when . 14,15,16 October 2016

What  : X Ruta de la Tapa of Pizarra

Provincial Tourist Singularity Event

Pizarra, in the Valle del Gudalhorce, celebrates its Tapas Route every October. During a weekend products from their gardens, among others, become protagonists of a party seeking momentum and promotion of the culture of the tapas, presenting the main pizarreño bars and restaurants.

ruta tapa pizarra 2016

During the day you can buy a “passport” to go completing stamps on each of the participating establishments and to get different prizes and gifts.

Also, and according to popular vote, the bars and restaurants of  the route will be graced with different distinctions, such as the best tapa, best service or prize for the most original tapa.

Riogordo : Day of the Snail

DAY OF THE SNAIL. Riogordo (Axarquía Costa Del Sol).
DATE: 29 May 2016.

Dia del Caracol Riogordo 2016

Riogordo is one of the seven municipalities in the Axarquía that make up the Route of Oil and Mountains. Each May, the inhabitants invite you to try one of the specialties that characterize the cuisine of the municipality: snails in broth.

This unique dish is prepared the local way, cooked in its own juices and served with olives and wine ground.

Coinciding with this day, along with a big party enlivened with a parade of street musicians, bands and groups of choir and dance, a cattle fair is installed, which for three days, and following tradition, you can buy and sell all kinds of livestock.

Tourist information: Town Hall, Plaza de la Constitución, 14 (29180). Phone: (+34) 952 732 154 Fax: (+34) 952 732 380

Sierra de Yeguas : Asparagus Fair 010516

WHERE : Sierra de Yeguas, Málaga, Spain 

WHEN : 01 May 2016, 13:00

WHAT : Festival of the Asparagus

Thousands of people gather to enjoy this Malaga native asparagus municipality, it is a free tasting of up to 2,000 kilos of asparagus, cooked in omelettes, scrambled or grilled, for visitors attending the fair.

fiesta esparrago sierra de yeguas 2016-1

Approximately about 13.00 hours, more than 30 stands offer visitors craft products of all kinds.

Any visitor can buy everything from fresh cheeses to organic products, made in Sierra de Yeguas and nearby villages. In addition to this attractive offer, and direct sales to the public, there have been other recreational and cultural activities, as a recipe contest with asparagus or musical performances to liven up the act. –

fiesta esparrago sierra de yeguas 2016-2

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La Noche en Blanco Malaga 2016

When : May 14 2016, from 8 pm to 2 am
Where : Malaga City Center
What : More than 250 activities held overnight, including free visits to museums, exhibition halls, and galleries.

In 2016 the Noche en Blanco in Malaga reaches its ninth edition establishing itself as the cultural event of greatest citizen involvement throughout the year. And this involvement has been highlighted since the early preparations because the thread has been chosen, for the first time by the public.

Based on four different themes: Somewhere in the Night (Homage to Cervantes), A night to sing, The Future, and The Night of the stars. The latter was the proposal elected by the citizens in an open ballot organized by the Townhall, in which 4,037 people participated.

noche en blanco malaga 2016 5

The ratings were both social networks through Facebook, as in person at ballot boxes installed in the 11 municipal districts and the Municipal Archives.

So, this year, the Noche en Blanco will be “Night of the Stars”. Therefore, most of the activities will be associated with this topic. As every year, again participation expectations have increased.

noche en blanco malaga 2016 1

Thus, some 250 different activities (there were about 200 last year), organized by 150 organizations, located most of them in the historic center of Malaga, although the districts also have their role.

In this ninth edition there will be 30 new entities. Of the activities the night of May 14 will be held, from 8 pm to 2 am, there will be 41 to be held in museums, 11 exhibition halls, 6 art galleries, 6 spaces scenic.

noche en blanco malaga 2016 3

As a novelty, there will be a specific section of activities for families as 20 activities will be exclusive for smaller and entitled “For the stars of the house” In addition, there will be other 50 activities aimed at all audiences in which the youngest may also participate.