Fiesta de la Matanza : Ardales

FIESTA DE LA MATANZA. Ardales (Guadalteba).
DATE: February 5, 2017.

For more than a decade, the town of Ardales, located in the region of Guadalteba, pays homage to the traditional elaboration of pork sausages and meats with a day known as the Festival of the Slaughter. On this day women of the village recreate, with utensils from other times, the traditional methods of making sausages and slaughters.


Throughout the day, thousands of buttons, sausages filled with sausage, sausage or blood sausage, and the famous “ardalo” style stew, made with lean pork, pepper, tomato, onion and garlic, are served. Traditional recipe that is transmitted from generation to generation.


In addition it is possible to acquire numerous typical products of the town and the region, in the sample of craftsmanship and gastronomy located in the own square of the town. In it are present a great diversity of sausages, like the morcón, the lomo or the white sausage of Ardales, as well as the famous products of the confectionery ardona, with its well-known almond biscuit.




Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain

Bobastro : A stronghold of the Christians against the Arabs in El Chorro

Access is from the road-Ardales Alora, about 2 km north of El Chorro and the south side of the Gaitanes Gorge and the Caminito del Rey. From here is a paved path that climbs the hill of Las Mesas de Villaverde.

Part of the ruins of Bobastro can be accessed by foot. At the top of the hill you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area and you will find there the remains of an ancient fortress. There is also a water tank, the water is pumped at the top to at night to get electricity for the daytime.


Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain

Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain

Omar Ben Hafsun fled to Bobastro in the late ninth century and rebelled against the Emir of Cordoba. He conversted to Christianity in 899 to build this church. The carved rock was probably performed in the late first century IX or X.
The Mozarabic church is the only known of al-Andalus. It was destroyed by Abdel Rahman III, when, after opposition as a separate kingdom it was conquered after more than 50 years by Cordoba kingdom. It was taken on January 19, 928.

Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain

Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain

Unearthed in Sand Stone there is a basilica with three naves separated by horseshoe arches, transept and three territories, the central horseshoe arch and the rectangular sides.
Perfectly situated on the east and has a length of 16.50 m long and 10.30 meters wide. In the area there are remains of other buildings that belonged to other people who sought refuge there for hundreds of years.


Visiting Bobastro can be done from the nearby town of Ardales and Alora. These are just 45 minutes from the coast.

The roads are good, but the signals ar not very clear if you’re not from there.

-By Car

We recommend that you take the route from Malaga on the A-357 and then take the exit of Pizarra-Alora. After passing through the beautiful town of Alora you will see the signs for Bobastro. Like everything else in Spain on the way to Bobastro there are many things worth visiting such as: El Chorro Lakes, Gaitanes Gorge and Caminito del Rey, the town of Alora, El Quiosco Restaurant, Restaurante El Mirador and more.

-By Bus

Time tables keep changing and it’s impossible to get an updated timetable for buses to El Chorro. Also, the buses from Malaga, for example, go to the town of Alora, and then you have to wait and change for a bus to El Chorro. With that in mind and as the village of El Chorro sits on a railway station I am going to recommend the train and forget the bus. (see above for trains to El Chorro)


The archeological remains are open all week as follows and though the guided tour is in Spanish the signs and information boards are also in English.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 3pm there is a guided tour Approximately every hour (in Spanish)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 3pm (no guided tours on these days).


You need a full morning to visit including the trip. Good thing is that there is plenty to see around there to fill the day. Good location, good walking areas and good food!

Remember that now the ruins of Bobastro are cared for and are only open to the public certain hours of the day. Previously you could just walk in there and do your own “discoveries”.

Ask a guide to what other things there are to see such as the fortress of Bobastro, the old city walls, the princesses house and several artificial caves that were used by hermits.


You can also visit other attractions such as: La Huma Mountain, Escalera de los republicanos, Caminito del Rey, Ardales, Alora, Gaitanes Park and the park of the Conde del Guadalhorce.

Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain

Bobastro in El Chorro, Spain