festival cine malaga 2017

Malaga Film Festival 2017

When : 17 March to 26 MArch 2017

Where : Málaga City, Costa del Sol, Spain

What : Malaga Film Festival 2017

festival cine malaga 2017

festival cine malaga 2017

The Málaga Festival, which this year celebrates its Nineteenth Edition, is a powerful contributor to the development of Spanish cinema presenting its best documentaries, short films, etc., as well as paying tribute to different personalities of the film industry and organizing numerous cycles, exhibitions and activities Parallel.

festival cine malaga 2017

festival cine malaga 2017

The Malaga Festival wants to reach all audiences and in its desire to present and promote a broad panorama of film culture that aims to be always attentive to training, creativity and innovation, framed within an activity that stands out for its dynamic character in continuous evolution and transformation.

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yunquera guerrillera reenactment

Yunquera Guerrillera : 10,11,12 March 2017

When : 10,11,12 March 2017

What : Yunquera Guerrillera : Historical Reenactment

Where : Yunquera, Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

The municipality of Yunquera celebrates the VI edition of its historic recreation ‘Yunquera Guerrillera’ on 10, 11 and 12 March under the motto ‘Blood, gunpowder and fire in the mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves’.

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

A series of gastronomic, cultural and tourist characters framed in the nineteenth century in which more than 300 neighbors participate as actors and extras in the representation of the clashes between the side of guerillas and Yunquera and the Napoleonic army in 1811.

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

yunquera guerrillera reenactment

The events will begin on Friday, June 3, starting at 5:00 p.m. with the opening of the agri-food and craft market, and the subsequent inaugural parade. This edition also has routes themed by the most emblematic corners of the town, historical and natural, organized for the mornings of Saturday and Sunday.




Antequera : Correr La Vega

When : 13/04/17 to 14/04/17

Where : Antequera, Málaga, Spain

What : Correr la Vega

The Malaga city of Antequera, located at the main crossroads of Andalusia and known as “the heart” of the autonomous community, has been and is a must for travelers and travelers of all time. Its magnificent monumental complex is the result of its historical past, and is reflected in more than fifty buildings of religious and civil architecture dating from the Bronze Age to the 18th century.

Correr La Vega

One of the elements that identifies its Holy Week is the “Correr la Vega”, a long-awaited tradition both for its inhabitants and for the numerous tourists that are approaching at that time to the town and whose origin, apparently, is due to an ancient Tradition that was to take the images to the highest point of the city to bless the lands of La Vega de Antequera.

Correr La Vega

On Thursdays and Fridays, at the end of the procession, the “brothers” of the cofradías who process those days, with the exception of La Soledad, take the thrones marching to the beginning of a slope or hill and, with The bell warning, start a very emotional race carrying the thrones to where the fields of la Vega are to be seen, so they can be blessed.

Correr La Vega

Fiesta de la Matanza : Ardales

FIESTA DE LA MATANZA. Ardales (Guadalteba).
DATE: February 5, 2017.

For more than a decade, the town of Ardales, located in the region of Guadalteba, pays homage to the traditional elaboration of pork sausages and meats with a day known as the Festival of the Slaughter. On this day women of the village recreate, with utensils from other times, the traditional methods of making sausages and slaughters.


Throughout the day, thousands of buttons, sausages filled with sausage, sausage or blood sausage, and the famous “ardalo” style stew, made with lean pork, pepper, tomato, onion and garlic, are served. Traditional recipe that is transmitted from generation to generation.


In addition it is possible to acquire numerous typical products of the town and the region, in the sample of craftsmanship and gastronomy located in the own square of the town. In it are present a great diversity of sausages, like the morcón, the lomo or the white sausage of Ardales, as well as the famous products of the confectionery ardona, with its well-known almond biscuit.




Stierenarena Málaga – Plaza de Toros La Malagueta

De stierenarena van Málaga, de Plaza de Toros, is ontworpen door de architect Joaquín Rucoba en is gebouwd in 1874. Twee jaar later was de bouw voltooid, met ruimte voor ongeveer 14.000 toeschouwers. Het heeft de naam La Malagueta gekregen, omdat het in de wijk Malagueta ligt en vlakbij het strand van Malagueta is.

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta


De stierenarena bestaat uit een arena, vier kralen, stallen, een manege, kleedkamers voor de matadors en ook een ziekenboeg. Het geheel is gebouwd in een Neo-Mudéjarstijl, een stijl die in Spanje is ontstaan uit de Iberische architectuur (de Mudéjar) en sterk beïnvloed was door de Moren in de twaalfde t/m de zestiende eeuw.

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Antonio Ordoñez Museum

De stierenarena heeft ook een eigen museum, El Museo Taurino Antonio Ordoñez, waar je onder andere kostuums, foto’s en voorwerpen die gebruikt worden in de stierengevechten kunt vinden. Het museum is vernoemd naar de legendarische stierenvechter Antonio Ordoñez uit Ronda, die met wel meer dan 3000 stieren heeft gevochten.

Stierenvechten seizoen

Hoewel het stierenvechten in sommige delen van Spanje al verboden is geworden, worden er van april t/m september in Málaga nog steeds stierengevechten gehouden. Tijdens de feestweek van Málaga in augustus (Feria de Málaga), zijn er zelfs iedere dag stierengevechten te zien.

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta Ca. 1900

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta Ca. 1900


Paseo de Reding 8, 29016 Málaga


Maandag tot en met vrijdag

10.00 uur tot 13.00 uur & 17.00 uur tot 20.00 uur


De prijzen van de tickets variëren en hangen af van waar je wilt zitten, maar liggen tussen de €10,- en € 100,-

Entree museum € 1,80

Kinderen tot 7 jaar gratis


By : Marianne Pape